I have been cramming my bag, but also cramming my brain with all things Korea-related. This includes reading books about the place, two of which I thoroughly recommend if you’re ever offered an expenses-paid trip to Seoul in the hope of improving your readership’s understanding of the country…like I have, sorry to rub it in.
The two books are Korea: The Impossible Country by Andrew Tudor covers everything from prehistory to modern dating culture AND The Birth of Korean Cool by Euny Hong, which is part autobiography, part social analysis, part funny.
I wish to acknowledge the fact that, by recommending books, it will seem like I’m posting this in order to look erudite and well-read. That I am, somehow, on the same plane as the authors mentioned. If you want to make this assumption then please do. (I mean, if you are assuming I AM erudite; not if you are assuming I am doing it just in the hope that you will think I am erudite. I am not; unless you genuinely think I am, in which case I am.)





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