Business Cardashian

Eleven Business Cards in eight: A pre-meeting meeting to outline the day’s meetings. Meetings with Members of the Korean Press Foundation (informed on the local media landscape), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (South Asian and Pacific Affairs Bureau AND the Korean Peninsula Peace Regime Bureau). Afternoon tea meeting with the Australian ambassador. Post afternoon-tea meeting meeting with Australian Diplomats…. It will forevermore be known as Meeting Monday.

And then there was the Meeting with a Tray of Mushrooms


If this is the pace of the next week it seems we are in for a Seoul-style education: where every moment can be utilised for betterment in study, business, etc. Not that I’m complaining: the opportunity to be immersed in governmental policy and the media in the world’s most logged-on lands is already fascinating barely 24 hours in. Hooray for Korea Press Foundation and The Walkley Foundation, who facilitated the visit so that we could immerse ourselves in a country that, less than 50 years ago had a GDP comparable to North Korea. Now look at the difference: basket case versus global player.
But is it a case that the energy and commitment the South Koreans threw themselves into to get the country back on its feet is now adding to social issues, such as the INTENSE study regimen schoolkids here have to go through. Might find out tomorrow when we visit the Korean Educational Development Institute. Better pack some more business cards…
Meanwhile, here’s us leaving our Meeting with the Umbrellas of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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